If you’re unsure about your inventory levels and have no idea what your warehouse looks like without a lengthy stock take, then something is going wrong in your SME. Companies who maintain outdated ways of monitoring, ordering and storing stock are mostly likely losing money and going nowhere fast.

Organisations that have implemented a warehouse management solution (WMS) are able to streamline storage and distribution activities and enjoy long-term benefits. No longer will your business have unlabelled boxes piled up in dusty corners or orders left unfulfilled due to stock outs.

Bring your warehouse into the 21st century and go digital to cut costs, avoid surplus stock and get instant visibility into what’s going on with your inventory.

Reduce Waste

Only when you have the insight to accurately forecast what’s needed can you think about optimising inventory. If you have no idea what’s hidden in those cardboard boxes, you won’t be able to eliminate the inefficiencies that influence your bottom line. It’s only when you can electronically track stock that you can make efficiency savings and cut unnecessary inventory spending.

New Opportunities

SMEs need to react fast when potential deals are in the pipeline. A warehouse management solution can provide real-time inventory updates at the click of a button. Also, by storing all of your information centrally, you can easily switch around production orders and check your suppliers’ list prices to make sure you’re maximising profits.

Productivity Gains

WMS isn’t just about cutting costs and having the flexibility to react quicker. Going digital in your warehouse virtually eliminates human error and dramatically reduces your paper trial. Powerful scheduling tools will make sure critical tasks are completed on time. Pick-and-pack features will automatically create lists to ensure there’s no hold ups in your production or distribution bays.

Accurate Insight

By integrating your warehouse management into a centralised solution, you’ll not only gain greater control but also in-depth analysis to make better decisions. Get detailed reports in seconds on everything from stock transactions to inventory counts and valuations. By having the ability to drill down into data you can track trends and forecast demand to improve levels of customer satisfaction.

More Information

SAP Business One is an all-in-one business management solution with tools to manage everything from financials to production. Use our integrated warehouse management tools to track and record stock location and improve delivery times. You can find out more by downloading a brochure here.