Field Service Management (FSM) is changing. New technology and solutions entering the market are moving the goalposts – for companies and for customers. These have helped organisations to improve internal and external communications and work more effectively by using the Cloud.

But what’s next for an ever-changing industry? Here are the top three field service management trends in 2018 that your business simply can’t ignore.

  1. Your New Best Friend

The mobile phone has been one of the biggest game-changers for FSM companies. Real-time communication is now a must for engineers in customer-facing roles. Further mobile integration in 2018 will see faster communication, better scheduling and planning for field-based jobs, and analytical reports at your fingertips. If you’re a field technician, your mobile will be your best friend. There will be less paperwork and more insight into customer records when you arrive on site. It’s a win-win for customers and companies alike.

  1. Everything is Connected

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another development that’s set to improve relationships between clients and companies, bringing FSM into the 21st Century. By connecting devices through the internet, machines’ performance can be monitored and any software issues corrected remotely. If it’s a parts issue, technicians will be able to make tests and identify problems before arriving on site. As far as the IoT is concerned, we’re still only just touching the surface of what’s possible.

  1. Need it? Print it!

Remember when you had to visit a customer, test their machine, identify which part needed replacing, place an order with a supplier, wait for the part to be delivered and then go back and replace it? It’s amazing to think that customers used to experience such a long-winded process. Not anymore – a recent survey found that forward-thinking FSM companies are already using 3D printers to streamline their supply chain. Although these machines are expensive, it won’t be long until every company has its own printer that technicians can use to create replacement parts.

Are you looking to implement a new FSM solution that allows you to take advantage of new technology entering the market? Arrange a demo today with one of our industry experts to see how your business can provide better and faster FSM to your customers.