One of the best things about small businesses is their ability to react to new exciting opportunities. Unlike larger organisations, where new ideas or opportunities have to go through different approval stages across various tiers of management, SMEs should have the flexibility to make decisions instantly.

It’s usually this agility that creates a platform for success. In fact, having the ability to be agile is often the difference between success and failure; between winning one contract or missing out on another.

By minimising lengthy approval processes SMEs can react quickly and have the option of changing tactics or providing new deals on products or services that match demand.

Solid decisions

Making decisions quickly is one thing. But what every SME needs to make is the right decision. And this is only possible with having access to accurate data to base your decisions upon. There’s no point offering flexibility if it will damage your business.

SMEs need the clarity and accuracy of data to ensure they are making the right decision. When start-up companies are in their infancy and processes are straightforward this isn’t an issue. But as companies grow, add new processes and systems to support these, things get more complex.

More often than not, the systems that you’ve added to your business to try and make things easier are now the same applications that are tying you in knots and holding your business back.

Centralised Software

What you should be doing is removing all those disconnected and disparate solutions in favour of an integrated system. By storing your data in a single, centralised solution you’ll have instant access to information you can rely on.

Reports can be generated at the click of a button without having to amalgamate data from different systems or spreadsheets. You’ll also have access to real-time visibility into finances, inventory and production schedules.

Deploying an integrated system guarantees your business has the ability to stay agile by having data at your fingertips to exploit new opportunities.

More Information

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