SAP Business One specialists Seidor UK has put its support behind a new initiative to clean water systems across schools in Cambodia. Project: WASH was established by United VARs earlier this year following a visit to the country by the company’s managing director Detlef Mehlmann in 2017.

The scheme aims to help provide clean drinking water and sanitation for an initial nine schools in Cambodia, which will help more than 120 students and teachers to improve standards of sanitation and hygiene.

“The schools face disastrous hygienic conditions,” said Detlef Mehlmann. “There is no drinking water, no toilets, no chance to even wash their hands. The students carry plastic bottles filled with water from dirty rivers. It was disconcerting to learn that this was the rule and not the exception.”

United VARs is now trying to raise as much money as possible with donations funding a series of projects to prevent children from suffering from chronic cases of diarrhoea.

“For between €15,000 and €20,000 you can save the lives of between 50 and 80 children. It’s unbelievable,” Mr Mehlmann added.

“€20,000 will help to set up water systems for clean drinking water and healthy hygienic conditions for one entire school of 300 children in Cambodia. This really shows the impact that a clean water system can have.”

Seidor UK joins a number of leading technology companies who are supporting the venture, including SAP, who have pledged to contribute €20,000 to Project: WASH. If you would like to make a donation or find out more about the fundraising project, please click here.

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