Cool magic tricks, new surprises and cutting-edge innovation were all on the agenda here at the SAP SMB Innovation Summit Day Two in Nice. If there’s one buzzword or take-home phrase from this conference then it’s definitely the ‘Intelligent Enterprise’. The application of IOT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Big Data are upon us and SMEs who want to keep pace need to evolve. SAP Business One is the heart of this Digital Enterprise. As partners, we need to move quickly in bringing applications beyond core ERP functionality to deliver innovation and value to our customers in a rapidly advancing market space.

Finn Backer kicked things off this morning showcasing how his team at SAP is pushing the boundaries of innovation for SMEs and creating the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP has set themselves a target this year to work with 50 companies across the globe to turn their innovative ideas into reality. Hey Finn, consider the Seidor hand well and truly raised! Across the globe, Seidor is ready to help you achieve this goal!

Delegates got a sneak peak into some of the projects they have been working on. These included IoT projects in vineyards filled with sensors. Not only is this data essential for the cellar master to harvest his crop but it also allows end users to find out more about where their wine has come from. On each bottle there’s a QR code linked to a mobile app. When somebody scans the QR code all the data from the vineyard is included. This lets consumers know exactly where the wine they are drinking was made, but also things like the average temperatures of the vines and even the type of soil the grapes were grown in.

There was another example where a dairy had followed a similar model but when you drill down into the data you can see the exact cow on the farm which produced the milk! The cows are all named allowing users to purchase cartons from their favourite tasting cow! The potential of SAP Business One in helping SMEs to create the intelligent enterprise is pretty mind blowing!

The Boyum Cloud

One of the most hotly anticipated presentations came up next from Allan Lykke Christensen, Chief Technology Officer at Boyum. The unveiling of the new Boyum Cloud has the potential to be a real game changer – for both partners and users of SAP Business One. Boyum is a real success story of the SAP Business One ecosystem. There are already more than 150k daily users across 98 different countries and Boyum produces some of my favourite B1 add-ons.

The new Boyum Cloud features a series of native cloud apps to solve common supply chain challenges. The solution is filled with several different features that you don’t usually find in web-based applications. Additionally, the Boyum Cloud allows space for partners like Seidor to develop our own apps against Business One on a simple and stable platform to help SMEs get more from their solution.

Watch this space for more information over the next few weeks.

Marketing Magic

Finally, Paulo Almeida stole the show again with his marketing showcase in the afternoon. Paulo explained the way partners can utilise the extensive references for SAP Business One from happy customers willing to share their experiences with others. SAP now has more than 3,000 of these that partners can choose from.

But it was his magic tricks that really wowed the crowd before the stage was invaded by hundreds of partners to take part in Paulo’s obligatory flag photo. Thanks for sprinkling some magic over the conference, Paulo.

See you tomorrow for the third and final day.