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SAP Business One

SAP Business One is one of the fastest growing business management solutions on the market. Built for SMEs and subsidiaries, the solution is affordable, quick to implement, and easy to use.

This end-to-end application covers all aspects of your business, from financials to inventory management to CRM. SAP Business One addresses your vital business needs through one integrated platform, and gives decision makers a clear and accurate version of “the truth”. The result is the power to make fast decisions to lift your business to new heights.

SMEs across the globe use the solution to help manage growth and achieve their organisational targets. The solution is used by more than 60,000 SMEs and has been proven in over 150 countries, in more than 40 localisations and 27 language. Always at the cutting edge of innovation to provide SMEs with solutions to compete with larger rivals, it continues to be developed by the world’s number one ERP provider, SAP.

SAP Business One

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SAP Business One software capabilities

With integrated accounting, sales and purchasing data, SAP Business One allows you to improve profit margins and reduce errors. It enables you to make more informed (and hence more profitable) decisions.

All marketing and sales aspects of CRM are integrated in SAP Business One. With campaign management, lead tracking and post-sale support all in one place, you can rest assured that all your CRM activities are in hand.

A real-time view of data across warehouses allows you to optimise everything from stock production and movement through to inventory levels and delivery times.

Improve all your purchasing and procurement activities. Optimise order creations and purchasing processes. Improve the selection of vendors and your invoicing and payments processes.

SAP Business One provides you with full view of real-time information and insights. Access Business Intelligence, analytics and reporting quickly and easily.

Managers have full access to projects, tasks and activities, and users can monitor tasks, projects, documents, resources and transactions from one centralised location. Define project stages and compare budgeted costs with actual costs.

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The SAP Business One mobile app

Life is much simpler when you can look something up at the touch of a button. Keep your team connected with the SAP Business One mobile app.

The app allows you to view and manage key processes including:

  • Contacts
  • Sales activities
  • Real-time reports and notifications
  • Sales opportunities and orders
  • Inventory levels and product information

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