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SAP Business One is an end-to-end business management solution designed and developed just for growing SMEs.

Use this affordable ERP solution to transform the way your business works. Automate all of your core business processes and run your entire organisation from a single solution. This all-in-one application has all the tools you need to manage every aspect of your business. With financials, sales, service, inventory and production management, plus much more, SAP Business One covers all bases.

Cut out human errors and improve your decision making with instant access to accurate company data stored in a central database – accessible to all users. SMEs across the globe use and rely on this end-to-end system each day to manage and simplify operations. The result is improved productivity, greater efficiency and ultimately bigger profits.

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SAP Business One Capabilities

With integrated accounting, sales and purchasing data, the solution allows you to improve profit margins and reduce errors. It enables you to make more informed and more profitable decisions.

All marketing and sales aspects of CRM are integrated in the system. With campaign management, lead tracking and post-sale support all in one place, you can rest assured that all your CRM activities are in hand.

A real-time view of data across warehouses allows you to optimise everything from stock production and movement through to inventory levels and delivery times.

Improve all your purchasing and procurement activities. Optimise order creations and purchasing processes. Improve the selection of vendors and your invoicing and payments processes.

Get a 360 degree of real-time information and insight. Access Business Intelligence, analytics and reporting quickly and easily to make more informed decisions.

Managers have full access to projects, tasks and activities, and users can monitor tasks, projects, documents, resources and transactions from one centralised location. Define project stages and compare budgeted costs with actual costs.

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SAP Business One Cloud

Take your business places by moving to the cloud with SAP Business One. Use our global expertise of moving companies to the cloud on our secure Seidor Networks platform, powered by AWS. 

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SAP Business One Mobile

Control your business on the go. Manage your business with your fingertips with a SAP Business One mobile solution from Seidor. Use official iOS or Android apps to get instant notifications and to sync updates back into your solution.

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