SAP Business One Warehouse and Production Management

Streamline your inventory and trim production costs

Use SAP Business One to effectively manage your warehouse and maximise outputs in production. Balance real-time inventory management alongside cost-effective manufacturing to maximise your bottom line. Get powerful, best-in-class SME functionality to turn your warehouse digital and effectively fulfil production management requirements.

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Stop investing in unnecessary stock to meet demand and fulfil customer orders. Use the sophisticated warehouse management tools to optimise your inventory. Get reliable and accurate information into what’s really going on in your warehouse at any time. Track inbound and outbound shipments, monitor and adjust existing stock levels and streamline your supply chain all in SAP Business One.

The integrated nature of the solution then lets users to manage different types of bills of materials and link warehouses with order processing and your production line. SAP Business One also features MRP tools allowing you to plan for multi-level production processes, whilst being able to optimise your inventory.

Core Warehouse and Production Management Tools in SAP Business One

Warehouse Management

  • Control inventories across multiple warehouses
  • Select from different costing methods to provide accurate update on item costs
  • Perform available-to-promise checks
  • Use multiple units of measure to control and manage stock
  • Maintain item prices in local and foreign currencies
  • Keep track of stock whereabouts using bin locations
  • Generate in-depth item lists and valuation reports

Stock Management

  • Real-time goods in and goods out management
  • Track stock transfers between different warehouses
  • Process consignment, drop shipping and repeat orders
  • Use pick-and-pack tools to fulfil orders
  • Quickly and easily complete inventory and cycle counts

Production and MRP

  • Create multi-levels BOMs featuring items and resources for accurate costings
  • Processes and release production orders manually or by back flush
  • Accurately plan materials required using the solution’s planning wizard
  • Maintain prices for BOMs to maximise profits

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SAP Business One Warehouse and Production Management
SAP Business One Warehouse and Production Management
SAP Business One Customer Relationship Management
SAP Business One Customer Relationship Management

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  • Manage inventory across several different warehouses from a single solution

  • Turn your goods in and out bays digital to reduce human errors

  • Always fulfil orders by using the solution’s materials planning wizard

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