It’s always a really exciting time when SAP are developing new features for SAP Business One. The new SAP Business One Version 10 web client is one of the most hotly anticipated new features – and I can’t wait to try out!

The SAP Business One Version 10 web client is a relatively new feature. But it’s already been given a makeover ahead of V10 – we think it’ll look something like the picture above. SAP have been teasing us over the last few months by releasing some details about what we can expect and how these new features will benefit users.  

New Look Client  

SAP wants to deliver a state-of-the-art user experience through it’s new native web client. They have taken inspiration based on the simplified interface used in SAP Fiori and its SAP UI5. However, this will only be accessible if you’re running SAP HANA.  

Users will be able to customise the interface with enhanced flexibility and extensibility to provide ready access from any device, at any point of time. Simplification is at the heart of the redesign with SAP keen to ensure users can get to grips with the solution without requiring extensive training.  

What’s Included  

The web client will cover several different features within SAP Business One. Obviously, there will be the login page and the home-page screen as set up by the user. For sales, users will be able to create quotations and orders and also access analytics and key reports.  

Business partner records are also included, alongside items and the item catalogue. Users will be able to use the web client to access their calendar and to schedule activities within the solution. Finally, there will also be tools to manage deliveries and returns from within your browser.  

Deployment Options  

The new web options will provide side-by-side usability with a SAP Business One on-premise client. SAP has outlined plans to make deploying the new web client as quickly and as easy as possible with a series of flexible implementation options available for SMEs to choose from.  

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