In the first part of our SAP Business One Version 10.0 videos feature, I took a look at some of the new tools that SAP has been developing for finance, sales and purchasing, inventory, production and project management. Now it’s time to take a look at some of the other exciting new tools and features that users can look forward to. Take a look at some more of our Business One Version 10.0 videos below:

SAP Business One & Brexit 

Despite there not being any plans yet approved on Brexit, that hasn’t stopped SAP making preparations. SAP Business One Version 10 contains a new localisation just for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to support users post-Brexit. The new localisation is aimed at providing a “smooth transition” from pre-Brexit, says SAP.

SAP Business One Usability 

Obviously one of the first things that users are going to notice in Version 10 is the interface. SAP has redesigned the skin to provide a “harmonised user experience”. This new Belize Deep skin provides users with a fresh approach to SAP Business One, especially for those who use both local and web-based versions.

To help increase transparency, SAP has also been busy adding some other usability enhancements such as adding user names in License Administration and Add-On Administration windows.

SAP Business One Administration 

There are several new enhancements here, including new features for reference documents, increased field lengths, and new ways to manage approval processes. To make it easier to batch print documents and to increase productivity when printing a high number of documents, new features have been added into Version 10.

SAP Business One Platform Extensibility

There’s also a host of new features here to help users get more out of SAP Business One. One of most eye-catching new features is the Microsoft Office 365 integration. In V10, users can integrate 365 and OneDrive to export document layouts, grid results and reports into Excel or Word. The new template management will also provide greater flexibility for reporting and document management.

SAP Business One Security 

The new security enhancements in B1 include Database Instance Registration, Company Database Configuration, Data Access to maintain the integrity of your solution at all times.

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