SAP Business One Video Tutorials

Watch our series of SAP Business One Micro Moments to see how to complete a variety of tasks. Browse through our SAP Business One Video Tutorials aimed at helping our customers get more out of their solution.

How to copy and paste into a sales order from Microsoft Excel

SAP Business One Video Tutorial

See how you can quickly and easily copy and paste data from Microsoft Excel to create new sales orders in seconds.

How to change form settings in reports

Quickly change the form settings on your reports to add or remove fields that meet your requirements

How to create user defined fields

Easily customise your application to include fields that relate to your organisation or role to increase user satisfaction and convenience.

How to change font settings and text size

Quickly customise the font and size of text used in your SAP Business One system.

How to define posting periods

Create and drill-down into financial posting periods to ensure accurate financial reports.

How to copy and paste a table in SAP Business One into Excel

Replicate your tables built in SAP and transfer these into Excel to manipulate your data

How to copy and paste from Excel into a purchase order

Enter data within spreadsheets into Journal Entries instantly with this handy shortcut.

How to change form settings

Change what modules, fields, and columns are visible across different areas of your solution

How to transfer data from a spreadsheet into a Journal Entry

Use convenient cut and paste tools to instantly transfer data from Excel into a journal entry in SAP.

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