SAP Business One for Job Costings and Rental Management

Capture real-time project costs and keep track of your equipment from the same solution

Guarantee you deliver more profitable projects by tracking costs as they occur and simplify rental management processes at the click of a button

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Use the power of SAP Business One to understand the true cost of your jobs

It’s essential for service-based companies to have clarity and full visibility into accurate costings. SAP Business One helps you to maximise profits by detailing and revealing the true cost of your time spent on-suite.

Now you track everything from labour and materials or record details of set milestones to understand exactly how much each project costs your business. And when this is recorded, you’ll be able to see your profit margins against each project to help you maximise your bottom line.

If you’re providing rental services as part of your projects, SAP Business One provides a structured approach that simplifies processes. From the initial quote through to returns and variance control, you can manage everything in one application. You can even drill down into real-time costings to get accurate profit analysis.

Get Real-Time On-Site Updates

Use SAP Business One to track project milestones and progress updates instantly when your team are working away from the office.

Why SAP Business One works

Use the world’s most popular ERP solution to manage your service-based business. Not only will your field engineers be equipped with powerful on-site solutions, but you’ll also be able to manage all the other departments that make your business a success.

With SAP Business One your organisation is guaranteed to:

  • Record every transaction to ensure accurate cost information
  • Capture labour, materials and any other overheads against specific projects
  • Get total visibility into available and hired equipment
  • Streamline the invoice to payment cycle by consolidating your billing
  • Deliver consistent, high-value services to customers

Easily Manage Resources

Make sure you always stay on top of your schedules by planning multiple diaries.

What’s included in SAP Business One

A SAP Business One job costings and rental management solution contains a suite of integrated, feature-rich modules designed specifically for a growing SME.

  • Job Costing Management
  • Equipment Rental Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Resource Supply Management
  • Customer Resource Management
  • Plus Much More

Instant Access into rental equipment availability

Always have clear visibility into what equipment you have available to hire to meet customer demand.

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  • Analyse and update jobs in real-time.

  • Simplify your dispatch and returns proceedures.

  • Adapt invoices to job terms.

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