SAP Business One for eCommerce

Take your business online and reach new customers regardless of their location or time zones. Open up new marketplaces and make your products available to buy 24/7 with a fully integrated omni-channel eCommerce solution that seamlessly connects back into
SAP Business One

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Create a true eCommerce experience for your customers to purchase goods online through your business and quickly boost profits. Build a SAP Business One eCommerce solution with Seidor and open up new sales opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Small businesses can now compete with larger rivals by creating a secure digital ordering platform that sends real-time data back into SAP Business One. Use this secure cloud platform to take your SME places with a series of eCommerce options conveniently priced for growing organisations.

Your business has multiple options when considering what type of eCommerce platform to build to suit the needs of your customers and your organisation. Choose from B2B webshops, B2C retail eCommerce websites, customer and supplier portals, microsites, order-punch-outs and much more. Whatever your business needs to make more sales online, you can use our end-to-end solutions to maximise commercial online opportunities.

Why SAP Business One Works

Future proof your growing business with an eCommerce solution powered by SAP Business One. Sell smarter online and accept orders directly into your ERP solution. Streamline the order-to-cash process and improve levels of customer satisfaction and experience when purchasing items through your business.

With SAP Business One your business is guaranteed to:

  • Build a single, integrated eCommerce platform that offers real-time insight into sales and stock activities
  • Meet all of your eCommerce and mobile app needs
  • Help your business to actively reach new markets
  • Increase business efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce complexities by automating key processes across your SME

What’s Included in a SAP Business One eCommerce Solution

Work with our team of eCommerce experts and create a solution that helps your business to reach its targets. Create an omni-channel shopping experience for all types of customers that helps your organisation quickly boost sales online.

Full integration into a number of popular payment gateways, such as Worldpay, Stripe and other digital ordering products and marketplaces like Amazon or eBay are available. Everything your business needs to sell products online in included in one powerful solution.

  • Scalable cloud eCommerce solution
  • Mobile and customer apps
  • Full digital catalogue with product descriptions
  • Live stock levels
  • Real-time customer account dashboard
  • 24/7 live ordering sent direct to SAP Business One
  • Plus much more
SAP Business One for ecommerce
SAP Business One for eCommerce
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eCommerce Integration for SAP Business One

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  • Secure and scalable cloud digital ordering platform

  • Create a solution that matches the unique requirements of your business and your online customers

  • Reach new marketplaces online and open up your business new customers

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