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Supercharge your small business using the power of Big Data analysis

Your company may be small but now you can act big using SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA. Use this unique in-memory platform to manage all of the standard tools in SAP Business One. Then take advantage of a host of powerful business intelligence tools for you to gain speed, agility and insight into every area of your SME.

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SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA, lets you understand the implication of every decision you make. Real-time analytics help users to define and focus on what matters the most by providing detailed analysis at the touch of a button. By working smarter and faster your business will be able to experience measurable benefits in performance in all of your core departmental activities.

Unlock the potential of your organisation and filter, sort and drill down into granular detail that reveals the answers your business has been look searching for. Get information on cashflow at a glance. Then improve standards of customer care by using dashboard analysis when placing orders or checking stock to guarantee orders are delivered on time.

In addition to the core tools included in SAP Business One to manage your entire organisation, the in-memory version includes a range of exclusive features for SMEs. This solution provides an opportunity for SMEs to simplify their IT landscape in a single, super-charged application that delivers unrivalled business value as a small business price.

Why your business needs SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

  • Crunch through Big Data in seconds
  • Generate complex managerial reports instantly
  • Use real-time dashboards to make informed decisions
  • Get instant updates for inventory, sales, order management, cash flow
  • Dramatically improve your flexibility and responsiveness
  • Guarantee more predicable outcomes for your SME
  • Reduce your IT overheads by running a simple, yet powerful solution

Run your business faster and smarter with SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA. Click on the button below to arrange a demo today to see how you can use your Big Data and persuasive analytics to unlock new opportunities across your organisation.

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SAP Business One SAP HANA
SAP Business One SAP HANA
SAP Business One SAP HANA

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  • Use your data to unlock valuable insights and open up new opportunities

  • Get real-time updates and instant managerial reports

SAP Business One SAP HANA