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How SAP Business One Can Help You

Did you know that SAP Business One is designed and priced just for growing organisations? Take a minute to complete our SAP Business One quotation tool and we guarantee you’ll be surprised at how affordable the solution is. It’s one of the reasons it’s used across globally to help all types of SMEs to grow organically. It’s also one of the main reasons why B1 is SAP’s most popular enterprise solution for SMEs.

With SAP Business One you are guaranteed to:

  • Gain greater control over your business
  • See the full picture with 360⁰ degree visibility into operations
  • Connect and streamline your processes
  • Make decisions based on accurate, real-time data
  • Drive and support long-term growth

“SAP Business One was the best match for our company. It’s made a big difference to the admin work. Previous orders used to take 40 minutes to process. Now, it’s literally click and finish. We couldn’t go back to the old way now. Everything that we wanted from the solution has been delivered above and beyond.” 

David Maguire, Top!Blue

“We chose Business One because we felt that it was the right fit for us. It has given us greater control over the business. It gives us great information that makes decision making easier. For us a business, and for me as a Finance Director, it has given us reliability, visibility and a reliance on data that we never had before.”

Mark Ritchie, ICR Integrity

“We wanted to be more organised and efficient. We knew some of our customers already used SAP and we decided that SAP Business One was the right fit for our size of organisation.” 

Jade McAllister, Sign Works

“SAP Business One has provided us with tighter controls within stock management. Seidor was extremely competent in understanding requirements. As a small business, SAP Business One has met all of our needs.”

David Ansorena, Top!Blue

“Everything is on one system now. So we have one reference, one version of the truth and something that is accurate. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The control that we have over the system, the ability to look at any part of the business from a financial perspective has been really advantageous for us.”

Adam Cox, Microtronix

“We had every confidence in Seidor that they were going to the complete the project on time and to support us along the way.”

Bill Bayliss, ICR Integrity
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Discover why SAP Business One continues to be one of the most popular ERP solutions on the market for growing SMEs. Use this end-to-end solution to power every aspect of your organisation. From sales and service call management, through to administration and accounts, everything you need to manage, control and monitor your company is included. Download a brochure today to see why SAP Business One is the solution your business has been searching for. 

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