SAP Business One Project Management

Manage financial and project management data in one solution

Now you can use SAP Business One as an end-to-end solution to assist with project management tasks. Provide accurate and transparent billing to customers and track the status of projects easily recording key milestones.

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Use SAP Business One to track important project milestones and associated costs and budgets. Simplify the management of your projects using the range of tools to help your team track, update and close different stages of work.

Store all your important documents in a centralised location for ease of reference and record and track each completed transaction. Project leads can monitor and add resources to complete required stages and then track the progress of activities and change the status of these for added transparency.

If the project that you’re working on is large or complex, SAP Business One has the functionality to split work into mini ‘sub-projects’ or into different phases. This provides users with better transparency and a holistic overview of projects. It also improves the ability to report on stage analysis, open issues, resources used and any that are still outstanding.

Your business will also be able to streamline and improve your project-related billing. Use the integrated wizard tool to simplify and automate the standard or milestone billing processes to help improve efficiency and deliver a further boost in transparency and productivity.

Core SAP Business One Project Management Tools

  • Quickly forecast and estimate required tasks
  • Faster and more accurate billing
  • Schedule and manage your resources
  • Record project milestones and progress
  • Insight into project spend

Take control of your projects and use the end-to-end tools in SAP Business One to keep your customers in the loop. Click on the button below to arrange a demo today with one of our product experts to see how our SAP Business One solutions can help you streamline project billing.

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SAP Business One Project Management
SAP Business One Project Management
SAP Business One Project Management

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  • Define different stages and create project plans

  • Generate financial reports to track actual spend against budgets

  • Store all project related documentation in one centralised database

SAP Business One Project Management