SAP Business One Mobile App

24/7 business management at your fingertips

Download the official SAP Business One app for iOS or Android and control your business on the go using your mobile device. Get immediate access to business-critical information to stay informed about the latest developments and make important updates remotely.

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Use this convenient mobile app to access real-time data and view managerial reports, manage contacts and suppliers and all other key operational activities from your mobile device. It’s an ideal tool for any manager, executive or key-stakeholder who wants to be kept in the loop and up to date with company-wide activities.

The app provides a user-friendly mobile experience, allowing users to navigate around SAP Business One with ease and make extensive personalisation across different features. Download the latest version for your device below.

SAP Business One Mobile App for iPhone

iOS users can manage tasks and activities, receive alerts and manage approvals, manage key sales and service activities, and access CRM features to get customer and partner details out of the system when they are in the field.

Eye-catching built-in dashboards replicate Crystal Reports on a mobile device. Users also have the ability to monitor and forecast cashflow and add their own customised reports to their device. Reports can then be quickly emailed directly from the app.

Download the SAP Business One iOS app from the App Store here.

SAP Business One Mobile App for Android

Use the Android app for SAP Business One to get your hands on the data when you need it. Access, create or edit data in your solution and see real-time information in a series of graphics. The Android app also lets users customise a range of different features to enhance user experience.

Receive key alerts and organisational activities, simplify sales, process service calls and get the low-down on your business with predefined SAP Crystal Reports all on your device. There are also tools for CRM to manage all your inventory items.

Download the SAP Business One Android app from the Google Play Store here.

How to configure SAP Business One Mobile App

It’s free to download both of the iOS and Android mobile apps. There are also free trials which are available for users to take if they visit either of the app stores. Syncing a live version of SAP Business One with the mobile app will require the technical assistance of a SAP Business One consultant. When everything has been set up, the mobile app will store usernames meaning users only have to add their password to log-in.

SAP Business One Mobile App License

Just like SAP Business One, users will require a license to use the mobile app. However, in some cases, you may not require an additional license if you already have purchased a professional, limited (financial/logistics/CRM) or starter package license.

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