SAP Business One for Subsidiaries

Manage multiple facilities from a single, centralised solution

Get total visibility into multiple business units or subsidiaries using SAP Business One inter-company and easily manage transactions,conform activities, and consolidate all financial activities

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Why companies choose SAP Business One to manage subsidiary operations 

SAP Business One has been designed to assist multi-national or large organisations to control, track and monitor their subsidiaries – regardless of location. Users can get instant information from overseas operations by managing and storing data in a single, centralised SAP Business One application.

SAP Business One: The No.1 solution for subsidiary management

  • 44 country specific localisations
  • Translated into 28 different languages
  • Securely transfer financial data across multiple systems
  • Solution used across more than 170 different countries
  • Create an affordable multi-tier software system

There are more than 1,500 subsidiary locations around the world running SAP Business One. These organisations enjoy increased data visibility and accuracy. Bringing all of your companies together also helps unify and streamline common activities.

All data captured in SAP Business One is accessed at the click of a button, providing detailed reports on everything from sales performance in different countries to in-depth purchasing reports.

Minimise errors across different units, eliminate the need for data duplication or entry, and increase employee productivity by simplifying operations. Regardless of where your facilities are located, use SAP Business One and Seidor to create a cost-effective network of solutions that promotes a common language across your organisation.

Seidor: The No.1 subsidiary implementation partner

  • World’s No.1 SAP Business One Partner
  • 500 SAP Business One experts across 5 continents
  • 56 offices across the world
  • Founding member of United VARs
  • World-class support network

Use Seidor’s experience and team of global network of experts to manage all of your legal entities. Build a network of solutions that help manage different currencies and standardise cross-subsidiary financial details to drive sound decision making.

Why SAP Business One works

The SAP Business One application has been designed for SME organisations and subsidiaries of large corporations. By connecting different solutions, your business can control and coordinate operations, get an true insight into what’s going on, and then make more cost-effective decisions by generating accurate managerial reports.

With SAP Business One your organisation is guaranteed to:

  • View activities without requiring manual reconciliation or data duplication
  • Control multiple subsidiaries, units or legal entities and currencies in one system
  • Reduce time needed to collate and aggregate financial data
  • Apply transparent financial processes across different units
  • Simplify and conform tasks to boost productivity

What’s included in SAP Business One

A SAP Business One for subsidiaries solution will help your organisation to streamline inter-company processes and bring seamless integration across multiple countries.

  • Master data replication and information sharing
  • Standardised processes
  • Visibility into transparent financial and operational activities
  • Gain control and collaborate with other facilities
  • Support multi-currency transactions
SAP Business One for Subsidiaries
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  • Connect global entities in one centralised solution.

  • Simplify your processes by conforming activities.

  • Get accurate real-time updates or generate instant reports.

SAP Business One for Subsidiaries

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