SAP Business One Finance Options

Spread the cost of your SAP Business One solution with our range of finance options.
Get this best-in-class solution without breaking your IT budget.


Seidor has teamed up with SAP Payment Services to help maximise your investment, whilst preserving cash in your organisation. With over two decades of experience helping more than 11,000 customers across the UK, SAP Payment Services can guide your organisation through the process of optimising your IT investments with a range of competitive finance options.

With these finance options you will receive:

  • Bespoke financing service
  • Peace of mind with total solution funding
  • Competitive finance rates
  • Guaranteed fast and easy processing
  • The opportunity to work with a market-leading finance firm

The Right Choice

In many ways, selecting SAP Business One as your chosen ERP solution is the easy part. Now you face another critical decision: what is the best way to pay for it? Do you use CapEx or OpEx budgets? Do you use cash or make payments over time? How do these choices affect total cost of ownership and return on investment? The implication of these questions extends beyond the IT department to overall business profitability.

Total Solution Coverage

Finance options incorporate SAP software, related hardware, third-party software, services for customisation, installation, and training. We also arrange funding for internal project costs and the first year of software and maintenance. SAP Payment Services covers all major costs related to your SAP investment and provides monthly or quarterly payments that are 100% predictable.

A Perfect Fit

Seidor is an expert in finding a complete solution tailored to your business requirements. So why not tailor your finance solution as well? When you partner with Seidor and SAP Payment Services, we ensure that any proposed project and associated costs suit your business strategy and budget.

Flexibility & Competitive Pricing

Our finance options allow you to spread costs over a set period, preserve existing credit lines and won’t impact your cash flow. Using finance based on competitive rates means SAP Business One is not only highly affordable but also helps you achieve a faster return on investment.

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SAP Business One Finance

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  • Enjoy competitive rates and predictable pricing.

  • Create a tailored finance package that works for your growing business.

  • Work with a market-leading firm that has helped more than 10,000+ SMEs.

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