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How much does SAP Business One cost?

Thought SAP Business One was too expensive? Think again…

SAP Business One has not only been designed and developed for SMEs but it has also been priced for growing organisations. So how much does SAP Business One cost?

Prices for a fully integrated SAP Business One solution from Seidor UK begin from as little as £30,000. That includes all of your software licenses, data migration, implementation and training, plus on-going support from our award-winning support team.

SAP Business One is a scalable solution that grows alongside your organisation. That means you can add new licenses and users any time you require them. Just start off with what your organisation needs today and then add more users when your business beings to grow.

Seidor is the world’s No.1 SAP Business One partner because we’ve deployed thousands of solutions into SMEs across the world. You can use our experience and experts to get started quickly with SAP Business One.

Complete this form and tell us how many users you’d like to start off with and whether you’d prefer an on-premise or cloud-based solution and we’ll give you an idea around project costs.

How much does SAP Business One cost
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