SAP Business One Cloud Solutions

Work Remotely With User Access From Just £69 Per Month

Leverage Seidor’s SAP Business One cloud solutions to get instant, anytime access to your data. Deploy a single platform that integrates your software, storage, security and networking requirements in one solution. Use our dedicated cloud-partner, Seidor Networks, and select from a range of cloud environments and subscription options to suit any organisation.   

All our cloud solutions are priced for growing SMEs. Prices begin from as little as £69 per user, per month, with all cloud solutions highly scalable, high performing and – most importantly – secure.

We host all our SAP  cloud solutions within the powerful AWS network. This helps us to offer growing SMEs a fully scalable platform that grows at the same pace as your organisation. On AWS there’s infinite infrastructure capacity allowing us to start small from 1 or 2 users to whatever size solution your business requires quickly. 

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SAP Business One AWS

All of our SAP Business One cloud solutions are hosted on the popular AWS platform. This lets our users leverage SAP and Amazon technologies to maximise their ERP investment and to guarantee high levels of performance.

By running SAP Business One with AWS it provides organisations a solution that is always accessible, secure and reliable when you require access to data. Our world-class SAP ERP applications sit alongside this high quality infrastructure to provide users with a best-in-class environment to manage business critical tasks in the cloud.

SAP Business One hosted on AWS guarantees rapid deployment times for organisations moving away from traditional hosting methods at a price affordable for all SMEs.

SAP Business One Cloud Architecture

Our SAP Business One solutions let your business enjoy the simplicity of the cloud alongside a suite of business management tools powered by SAP. We give you the choice of hosting your cloud solution as you wish. There’s private or public cloud environments on dedicated or virtual platforms located in Tier-1 data centres across the world.

By working closely with Seidor Networks we’re able to provide your business with the flexibility of developing a cloud strategy that delivers long term benefits. We work closely with you to build your own fully managed cloud solution, which supports either SAP HANA or SQL versions of SAP Business One.

All our cloud solutions are fully customisable. This means we can seamlessly deploy any add-on your SME requires alongside the standard SAP Business One tools. It’s your system, hosted the way your business wants.

SAP Business One Cloud Architecture

SAP Business One Cloud Features

Speed: SAP Business One in the cloud is quick to deploy

Secure: Protected against Ransomware and other threats

Cost: Minimise your spending with predictable and transparent pricing

Customisable: Create a solution that works for your SME

Performance: Leverage the power of AWS technology

Scalable: Add users and expand your environment when required

Independent: Full control over your platform in a private environment

Accessibility: Enjoy 24/7 access to your SAP solution

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SAP Business One Security

You can always rely on our fully secure and maintained cloud environments to protect your data. All our SAP Business One cloud solutions come equipped with WAN (wide area networks) and LAN (local area network) protection and Firewalls to keep out any unwanted threats.

Additionally, there’s an extra layer of security as part of our Threat Protection Management, which includes a virtual private cloud compartment and shielded end-user connections to repel attacks.

At Seidor, we take security seriously. That’s why we constantly monitor and update our levels of protection to ensure your SAP Business One solution in the cloud is always secure. For your piece of mind, there’s also a full back-up and recovery service to minimise any unlikely or unexpected downtime.

SAP Business One Cloud Demo

See the benefits of hosting your SAP solution in the cloud with Seidor. Arrange a demo today with one of our product experts and see how you can take ownership of every aspect of your SME. Make confident decisions with access to real-time data into financials, sales, inventory and much more.

Move to the cloud and adopt one of the most popular ERP solutions to power growth in your business. This software-as-a-service model provides an alternative to the traditional on-premise platform for organisations that want predictable pricing, access to the latest software, plus support and maintenance included within their monthly contract.

SAP Business One in the cloud provides SMEs with innovative technology affordable to all. These flexible solutions have been built with growth in mind and can easily and quickly evolve to reflect your needs.