SAP CEO Bill McDermott To Step Down

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SAP Chief Executive Bill McDermott (left) will not extend his stay at the company after declining the opportunity to extend his contract.   The departing CEO will be replaced by Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klien, who have been appointed Co-Chief Executive Officers with immediate effect.   Chair of SAP’s Advisory Board, Professor Hasso Plattner, claimed the company “would not be what [...]

5 ways to find the right ERP partner

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There are lots of important decisions you need to make when you to decide to deploy a new business management system. Some are obviously more important than others. But the most important one – and the one you can’t afford to get wrong – is who you select as your implementation partner. So, what [...]

Deployment Options for SAP Business One

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Turn back the clock five years and most SMEs felt like they had only one option about how to host their business management solutions. Moving to the cloud was often seen as too much of a risk with concerns around security and reliability. But those days are long gone and businesses now have a number [...]

Are you a best run Wholesale & Distribution firm?

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A few weeks ago, I read a report on the potential for Wholesale & Distribution (W&D) companies to become intelligent enterprises through the use of innovative solutions and platforms. Traditionally, the wholesale industry has been slower than others to adopt new technologies. It’s easy to understand why if you’ve got a Warehouse Management System [...]

SAP Business One Version 10 Update

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SAP have been teasing us with more details on SAP Business One Version 10. Finally, we know about some of the new tools that will be included in the new release, including updates on Brexit, the new Office 365 integration and interactive Gaant charts. There are more than 30 fresh developments that SAP have told [...]

Sharperlight Demo: Simplify SAP Business One Reporting

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Unlock the data in your SAP Business One solution with Sharperlight. Use this essential and user-friendly business intelligent platform to do more with your data in SAP. See how easy and quick it is to generate important managerial reports in this short Sharperlight Demo. Watch this short overview as Seidor's Andrew Phillips takes a [...]

Manufacturing Technology To Finally Connect Your Factory

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There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way we live. There aren’t too many aspects of our lives that haven't been influenced by some sort of technology. However, when it comes to the workplace, especially on the factory floor, manufacturing firms still have some way to go. Traditionally, the manufacturing industry is at [...]

Sharperlight Webinar Reserve Your Seat Today

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Join us on Tuesday 10 September at 11am (GMT) for our exclusive Sharperlight Webinar. Make sure you register now and then take your seat alongside Sharperlight expert Donald Wynne. Sharperlight helps SAP Business One users make customised reports with ease. It is an essential tool for any type of business that wants to do [...]

Seidor UK backs Project: WASH

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SAP Business One specialists Seidor UK has put its support behind a new initiative to clean water systems across schools in Cambodia. Project: WASH was established by United VARs earlier this year following a visit to the country by the company’s managing director Detlef Mehlmann in 2017. The scheme aims to help provide clean drinking [...]

Five Reasons Why You Need SAP Business One

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Anybody who has built a business will tell you that it’s not always plain sailing. There are challenges along the way that impact how successful and how quickly your organisation will grow. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid platform on which to allow growth to flourish. Challenges differ from one organisation to [...]