ERP Implementation: How To Get It Right

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So, you’ve chosen your solution, selected the partner you want to work with, gone through and agreed all of the various negotiations and now you’re all set to start implementing your new business management system. This is where the fun really starts.    ERP implementations are rarely straight forward or easy to complete. When [...]

Maintaining manufacturing standards with ERP

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The manufacturing landscape is shifting and rapidly evolving. More consumers are now placing a greater emphasis on going green. This means that manufacturing companies must place a greater focus on compliance and traceability. Yet satisfying new customer requirements doesn’t have to mean drawing up new business blueprints. In fact, maintaining manufacturing standards is easily achieved [...]

Part 2: SAP Business One Version 10.0 Videos

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In the first part of our SAP Business One Version 10 videos feature, I took a look at some of the new tools that SAP has been developing for finance, sales and purchasing, inventory, production and project management. Now it's time to take a look at some of the other exciting new tools and [...]

Part 1: SAP Business One Version 10 Videos

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It has been a long time coming but we've finally got the chance to see some of the new tools in the latest version of Business One. Take a look at the SAP Business One Version 10 videos below and see some of the enhancements soon available to users.SAP Business One Financial Management There are three [...]

Effective manufacturing inventory management with SAP Business One

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If there are two words the managing director of any type of manufacturing firm dreads to hear then it surely it has to be “dead inventory”. The best run manufacturing firms all strive for one thing: effective manufacturing inventory management. In SAP Business One, this can be achieved quickly and easily. Manufacturing firms have enough [...]

How to successfully manage an ERP project

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Implementing a new ERP solution should be an exciting time for any organisation. However, I have heard a couple of horror stories about projects that end up on the scrapheap after being poorly managed. There’s no secret formula on how to successfully manage an ERP project on time and within budget. But there is [...]

The New SAP Business One Version 10 Web Client… What Do We Know?

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It’s always a really exciting time when SAP are developing new features for SAP Business One. The new web client in SAP Business One Version 10 is one of the hotly anticipated new features that I can’t wait to try out.   The web client is a relatively new feature for SAP Business One. But [...]

SAP CEO Bill McDermott To Step Down

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SAP Chief Executive Bill McDermott (left) will not extend his stay at the company after declining the opportunity to extend his contract.   The departing CEO will be replaced by Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klien, who have been appointed Co-Chief Executive Officers with immediate effect.   Chair of SAP’s Advisory Board, Professor Hasso Plattner, claimed the company “would not be what [...]

5 ways to find the right ERP partner

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There are lots of important decisions you need to make when you to decide to deploy a new business management system. Some are obviously more important than others. But the most important one – and the one you can’t afford to get wrong – is who you select as your implementation partner. So, what [...]

Deployment Options for SAP Business One

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Turn back the clock five years and most SMEs felt like they had only one option about how to host their business management solutions. Moving to the cloud was often seen as too much of a risk with concerns around security and reliability. But those days are long gone and businesses now have a number [...]