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Increase your levels of efficiency and stay connected using Boyum. This popular add-on has been installed in almost 6,000 SAP Business One solutions across the globe and is used by more than 100,000 daily users to help increase their levels of productivity

The range of Boyum add-ons for SAP Business One provide users with a series of award-winning applications to help stay connected, increase productivity and to grow. Choose from a range of task or industry-specific applications that complement the existing features in SAP.

Already used in around 100 countries across the world, Boyum’s add-ons are proven to help organisations to be more productive and to save time and money.  Choose from the one of the below options to customise your solution and to start getting even more out of SAP Business One.

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B1 Usability Package (B1UP) for SAP Business One

B1UP is one of the most comprehensive toolkits available for SAP Business One. Use this customisable solution to make SAP Business One work for you. A series of easy-to-use tools help users to completely redesign the interface and workflows of SAP Business One without requiring any code customisation.

Used by more than 4,000 SMEs features include a series of tools that help further automate business processes. B1Up helps organisations to improve data quality, add easy access buttons or menus to generate individual shortcuts and can also provide quick and painless upgrade tools when you are moving to a new version of SAP Business One.

Other key features include:

  • Customisable dashboards
  • Tailored pop-ups and alerts
  • Convenient time-saving tools
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CRM for Outlook for SAP Business One

CRM for Outlook is another popular product from Boyum that helps users make direct updates into SAP Business One from Microsoft Outlook. It’s a must-have tool that helps sales, support or senior managers create tasks in Business One without any lengthy processes. In this innovative product you can easily check business partner records, update sales opportunities and even create documents without ever having to use SAP Business One.

This innovative add-on avoids users having to open separate applications for emails, sales, lead generation, marketing and much more. Make your life easier and reduce your clutter with CRM for Outlook. As a key driver in helping user adoption of your SAP Business One solution, the add-on is also a proven tool in improving levels of data consistency and accuracy.

Other key features include:

  • Send emails and link to SAP Business One records
  • Select UDFs to display in Outlook when emails are received
  • Call Skype or Lync contacts, use Google Maps to check location and open customer’s website from your preferred browser
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Print and Delivery for SAP Business One

Boyum’s Print and Delivery tools is a proven solution to help organisations save time and money. This advanced Crystal Report integration helps users to email key marketing or financial documents directly from SAP Business One via Microsoft Outlook. The solution provides users with the ability to create, save, print or email any type of document with SAP at the click of button.

All of the documents created are customised to include your company logo and corporate layout in line with your brand guidelines. Users can also choose to automate communications with key contacts to minimise workloads and ensure key messages or documents are scheduled at optimum times.

Other key features include:

  • Maintain continuity across your business by setting fixed rules against actions
  • Easily create tailored document layouts for different customer types
  • Control the entire document handling process
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