Beas Manufacturing for

SAP Business One

Create an advanced manufacturing solution using Beas Manufacturing to improve your production efficiency and increase outputs with this award-winning add-on for SAP Business One.

Gain greater visibility into both office and plant floor operations with Beas Manufacturing for SAP Business One. Ideal for either process or discrete manufacturing firms working across any type of industry, this essential add-on is already used by forward-thinking firms in more than 100 countries. Beas is a proven tool to enhance cross-company collaboration and process execution.

Beas is an ideal solution for any organisation that searches for accurate transparency and real-time visibility into production activities.  As well as improving overall operational efficiency, Beas helps manufacturing firms to increase asset reliability, maintain quality enforcement, provide traceability across the whole production line and improves BOM agility.

Real-time visibility is now key for manufacturing firms in an ever-changing industry. Beas includes a number of functions that help to keep track of every element of the production cycle. There’s various pre-built reports to flag any issues and users can easily build tailored dashboards and define KPIs that deliver instant updates on the things that really matter to your manufacturing company.

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Optimise Manufacturing Resources

All manufacturing firms are looking to improve outputs without increasing overheads. Beas achieves this by enabling organisations to respond proactively to issues that occur and to minimise downtime to optimise resources.

Beas has been designed with series of tools to help manufacturing firms do more with less. There are tools for capacity planning and to help meet customer delivery dates with finite backward scheduling.

Advanced planning and scheduling also provides users the option to schedule material availability and capacity together to generate accurate completion dates – and helps organisations to easily plan large volumes of short-run production orders.

Other features include:

  • MRP & MRP II Functionality
  • Usability & Scheduling Improvement
  • Data Integration Hub
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Clear Product Margins

Make sure you’re always maximising your returns on your products with Beas. Take confidence in your pricing with clear and accurate insight into every component that’s included in your BOMS – whilst capturing data wasted raw materials.

Beas provides users with the tools to capture, assign and compare actual costs to eliminate the need to estimate total costs per units charges. By assisting manufacturing firms to accurately map out costs at batch level provides granular insight into production costs visibility – something which is key to any successful manufacturing firm.

Everything from materials, labour, machine and overhead costs can be tracked within the application. There’s also the option to track additional elements such as co-products, by-products and wastage. By integrating all of your manufacturing activities in Beas, organisation can easily understand product margins at the click of a button.

Other features include:

  • Pre-calculation of BOMs and routings
  • Automated product cost and price updates
  • Cost simulations
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Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Storing raw materials and finished goods represent some of the most significant costs for any type of manufacturing company. Warehouses can often be a source of frustration and even mystery for growing SMEs who are unsure about how much stock is required to fulfil orders and meet customer demand.

Beas helps organisations to reduce dead inventory and to stop any unnecessary purchasing into stock that is left obsolete. Now you can manage supply and demand effectively without having to over invest.

Users can call upon a range of material management tools which are linked to the supply chain and the control of material flow. Never again will your business waste money on unnecessary inventory items.

Other features include:

  • Multiple material requirements models
  • Extended batch and serial number processing
  • Total control of goods receipt
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