SAP Business One Accounting and Financial Management

Simplify your financials to make smarter business decisions

Use the powerful financial management tools in SAP Business One to control and automate all of your key accounting processes. SAP Business One includes an integrated and comprehensive range of accounting and financial tools to help you simplify and streamline everyday tasks.

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Use the selection of best-in-class tools in the SAP Business One accounting and financial management module to help you reduce inefficiencies across your finance team. Now you can automate common processes and remove data duplication by managing your accounts alongside key tasks for purchasing, production, warehouse management and sales.

Because all of this data is stored centrally in a single database, your finance teams will be able to streamline the time spent on month-end closing and quickly generate important managerial reports. By having this accurate insight at your fingertips, you’ll be able to answer the questions your business is asking and make more informed decisions to drive profits.

Core Financial Management Tools in SAP Business One


  • Use predefined or customise chart of accounts templates
  • Easily complete accounting transactions, such as journal entries and recurring posting
  • Process multiple currencies for accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Generate new balance sheets and monitor your profit/loss alongside other reports
  • Simplify fixed asset management

Cost Accounting

  • Create, monitor and manage budgets across your business
  • Automate customer reminders for outstanding invoices and take payments
  • Control, monitor and manage direct and indirect expenses
  • Track revenues for multiple cost centres, branches or external business units
  • Set distribution configuration for automated revenue and expense allocation
  • Monitor fixed asset depreciation via multiple methods

Banking and Reconciliation

  • Process cash, cheque, electronic bank transfer and credit control payments
  • Complete bank statements and automatic reconciliation of ledgers
  • Track and control multiple accounts receivable and automatically pay batch invoices
  • Generate payment reports

Use the powerful accounting and banking tools in SAP Business One to simplify your financials. Click on the button below to arrange a demo today with one of our product experts and see how your business can automate key financial tasks to reduce errors and improve cash flow.

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SAP Business One Accounting and Financial Management
SAP Business One Accounting and Financial Management
SAP Business One Accounting and Financial Management

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SAP Business One Accounting and Financial Management