Keeping your customers happy and retaining their future business is a key priority for any organisation. But how can you guarantee an unrivalled level of service that keeps your customers coming back? It’s time to optimise your field service value chain using affordable mobile technology.

The key to efficient field service is pretty simple: to provide a better standard of customer care than competitors, faster than they can. This is achieved through new innovative technology aimed at streamlining tasks and providing anytime insights for technicians on the road and colleagues in the office.

If you’ve got a mobile workforce, they need more than just their toolbox when they are out on the road. A SAP Business One Field Service solution has all the tools your business needs to operate at any time.

Staying Mobile

New mobile tools are changing the landscape for organisations who send out engineers. Organisations must ensure they have the right resources at the right place and at an agreed time with the customer. Providing vague arrival times isn’t an option for organisations any longer. Customers do not want to wait all day for an engineer to turn up.

Full transparency into activities, schedules and timelines is essential. As is the ability to make instant updates – regardless of location. New disruptive mobile technologies allow even smaller organisations to equip their on-site teams with essential real-time applications.

It’s now possible to connect your whole business together in one powerful application. A SAP Business One Field Service solution means you can capture, store and update company rich data into a single database at any time.

How it works

Office personnel can easily control schedules, cash flow, sales orders and stock. Then remote technicians can use a simple app on a mobile or tablet to access client information, workflow checklists, see scheduled jobs and capture customer proof of completion. These new applications even work offline and reconnect back to your solution when you’ve got connectivity.

It’s the perfect all-in-one field service solution. And it’s not just your customers who will see the benefit either. Your business will be able to provide more accurate arrival times to your customers. And you’ll also be able to dramatically streamline services to maximise productivity.

No longer will your team on the road have to make calls back into the office to check on customer accounts, previous jobs, or to check what items you’ve got in stock before committing to orders. Your business will also be able to improve cashflow by sending out invoices quicker with instant updates when jobs are completed.

Find out more

Mobility is the key to improving your field service value chain. Get in touch with one of our field service solution experts today to find out more about SAP Business One and how it can transform your business. Don’t forget to ask us about our range of finance options to spread the cost of your solution.