There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way we live. There aren’t too many aspects of our lives that haven’t been influenced by some sort of technology. However, when it comes to the workplace, especially on the factory floor, manufacturing firms still have some way to go.

Traditionally, the manufacturing industry is at the back of the queue behind early adopters. Systems may be in place to manage finances, HR, payroll and possibly stock, but strangely it’s the production line that is often left disconnected. Instead, there are tried-and-tested manual processes in place. But these are neither productive nor efficient.

Organisations that are stuck in the past and still use poorly managed spreadsheets or even hand-written journals to record production activities are going nowhere fast. And with so much uncertainty within the industry, the only way to drive a manufacturing firm forward is through technology.

Manufacturing Software for SMEs

Affordable manufacturing software, like SAP Business One, means there’s no reason why manufacturing firms should have disconnected parts in their organisation. By using an all-in-one application that stretches from the factory floor to the warehouse and finance department – and even to the sales teams on the road – manufacturers can quickly deliver digital transformation across their organisation.

By deploying a fully integrated solution, manufacturing companies will be able to future-proof their business, upskill the next generation of staff and, more importantly, experience measurable benefits that go towards growing their organisation.

Production Software for Manufacturing

There are many challenges facing manufacturing firms. Customers are demanding increased order volumes, faster turnaround times and increased product variations. There are also requirements around streamlined distribution networks and supply chains that are becoming more complex. A SAP Business One manufacturing solution is a proven solution to help organisations innovate quickly.

This scalable solution has been proven to improve cross-company collaboration and process execution. SAP Business One will drive operational performance across your business, whilst increasing asset reliability, quality standards and traceability on the factory floor. SMEs that connect their factory with the rest of their business are also able to gain real-time access into activities. Finally, manufacturing firms can remove outdated and time-consuming production monitoring processes and keep track of the production cycle in a sophisticated manufacturing solution.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Is a lack of technology or time-consuming manual processes slowing down your business? See how you can get real-time visibility into your manufacturing performance using SAP Business One. Organise a demo today with one of our manufacturing experts and see how you can optimise resources and eliminate waste with our affordable technology solutions. Get in touch on 01932 212 777 or