The manufacturing landscape is shifting and rapidly evolving. More consumers are now placing a greater emphasis on going green. This means that manufacturing companies must place a greater focus on compliance and traceability. Yet satisfying new customer requirements doesn’t have to mean drawing up new business blueprints. In fact, maintaining manufacturing standards is easily achieved when running an ERP solution.

By deploying an end-to-end ERP solution, like SAP Business One within the heart of an organisation, manufacturing firms can mitigate the risk of product recalls, reduce manufacturing costs and automate key transparency processes. Ultimately, all of this results in significantly reduced inefficiencies in supply and distribution chains.

Manufacturing Quality Control

Improving standards of quality control is an on-going process for any type of manufacturer. But this is another area where companies shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel to get the right processes in place. An integrated system should allow enterprises to establish exactly what, when and how products are tested as part of the production cycle.

Organisations can then clearly and quickly produce audits and an electronic document trail of its quality control processes and procedures which go into these. This will help manufacturing companies to drive standards of overall product quality and levels of traceability.

Traceability Process Flow

Traceability has always been important factor for manufacturing firms. Yet, this can often be a lengthy process with all the associated complexities. The ability to trace processes and components from the procurement of raw materials through to machine operatives used to take a lot of time and effort – especially when this was a series of manual tasks for a production manager.

But manufacturing firms can finally say goodbye to costly manual interventions with an integrated solution. By capturing accurate procurement and production data within a centralised database, organisations have clear insight into materials, production, consumption and disposal to dramatically improve transparency into operations.

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