The game is changing for service providers. The influx of new affordable technology has seen the role of the field service technician change dramatically over the last few years. And, it’s still evolving. The days when a technician simply turned up to fix a problem are over. Now, there’s a lot more factors to consider thanks to these new industry-specific solutions.

Digitalisation is the buzz-word in the FSM industry at the moment. There’s a good reason for it as well. New digital trends offer huge opportunities for field service providers. Customer satisfaction and retention are at the heart of this new evolution. By utilising new mobile tools that accurately predict arrival times and capture e-signatures, the standard of customer experience has significantly increased.

Technicians have always been the ‘face’ of your business, but these days they need to provide more than just a smile and a quick fix. Digitalisation means that remote teams are not only servicing your customers but selling to them as well.

Increased leads

Organisations who were quick to realise the potential of these new solutions are now enjoying up to 60% more sales opportunities. That’s a huge increase simply from investing in affordable new innovation. You’re probably wondering how this is possible.

By integrating field activities with a powerful back-end solution, organisations are tapping into new business potential. No longer do technicians arrive on site with a product manual and a service note for the customer to complete. Service providers can now empower their engineers with software that allows them to check customer records and sales orders, as well as cross-check products or services that are compatible with the machine or device they have serviced.

Of course, technicians will need a certain level of training to spot these new cross-selling opportunities. But it’s imperative they have the right mobile solution to hand. This will enable them to add notes to the CRM or generate sales orders before they’ve even left the car park, which can be followed up by your sales team or marketing department.

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