Anybody who has built a business will tell you that it’s not always plain sailing. There are challenges along the way that impact how successful and how quickly your organisation will grow. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid platform on which to allow growth to flourish.

Challenges differ from one organisation to the next. But the solution remains the same: SAP Business One. This end-to-end business management system is trusted by around 65,000 organisations across the world that use SAP Business One to manage and control daily activities.

If you’re not running ERP in your business yet there may be a few reasons you’re holding back on running an integrated solution. But here are my top five reasons why you need SAP Business One in your SME:

  1. Integration

At last you can ditch all those applications that don’t talk to each other. You can also stop using spreadsheets with dodgy formulas that wreak havoc with your financials at the end of the month. SAP Business One is an all-in-one application with a centralised database at the heart of the platform. This means all of your team can store and access key data at any time – and rely on its accuracy.

  1. Informed decisions

When you’re not running ERP, you’ve got data stored in systems that do not communicate with each other. It’s almost impossible to get a true representation of what’s going on at any one time. SAP Business One helps you increase revenue by making better, more informed decisions by accessing real-time data through a range of interactive dashboards and alerts.

  1. Automation

The beauty of SAP Business One is that it cuts out all of those laborious manual tasks. Finally, your business can eliminate the effort of reconciling data from multiple systems or endless Excel spreadsheets. Even better, the way that SAP Business One has been designed means it lets users automate a series of business-critical functions at the click of a button.

  1. Productivity

Productivity is the buzzword for any CEO who wants to do more with less. Well, with SAP Business One you can. This solution is proven to lower cost and time wastage by leveraging the efficiency of working in a single, integrated system. Now you really can do more without increasing overheads.

  1. Targets

Not only does SAP Business One help you identify your targets but it’ll also help you reach them. SAP Business One works differently for all types of roles and responsibilities. But with SAP Business One playing a significant role in helping SMEs run faster and more smoothly, staff can stay focused on reaching key organisational milestones, rather than worrying about outdated and ineffective software.

Want to find out more reasons your SME is missing out by not running SAP Business One? Get in touch with one of our ERP experts today or call 01932 212 777 and see some of the benefits your business could experience with our affordable solutions.