customers actually want

Technology in field services is changing and many businesses are being left behind. Customers are outwardly expressing that the level of customer service they receive affects whether or not they will choose a company again. They are raising their standards and not tolerating bad service, poor planning or lack of communication. It’s therefore time for companies to start listening to what their customers actually want.

Field service businesses: here’s what your customers actually want

Improved punctuality and time notifications

Regardless of whether or not a technician actually fixes the problem, time-related issues have a big impact on customer satisfaction.

By not resolving these issues, businesses are losing customers. 67% of customers have said they would never do business with a company again if a technician is an hour late.

Field service businesses need to put more effort into making technicians more punctual. When using software with GPS capabilities (such as SAP Business One), 95% of businesses see improved technician punctuality. This software employs smart-selection of technicians, sending them to jobs based on their locations. Consequently, technicians spend less time travelling and customers spend less time waiting.

There is a lot that can be done to improve punctuality, but sometimes a technician is running late and it’s unavoidable. Luckily for field service businesses, 73% of customers are more likely to hire the company again if they receive arrival-time notifications. A late technician is not a reason to put a customer off altogether. As long as the customer is updated on the technician’s arrival time, they are still likely to use that company for their services again.

This is good news for field services. With effective implementation of a business management system, customers will quickly become more satisfied with field service time-provision. And this is all without field service businesses needing to increase their workload. In fact, a business management system will reduce workload and improve efficiency.

Better customer service

Customer service can encompass a range of things, including timely provision of services and the efficient, effective resolution of issues.

It is a shocking figure that 68% of 18 to 34-year-olds say that a single poor customer service experience has led them to stop doing business with a brand.

One single poor experience can lose you a lifetime of customer loyalty.

This, therefore, puts extreme pressure on field service businesses to ensure that they are providing a consistently high level of customer service. One slip up can cause an unhappy customer to never choose your business again. And we all know that a dissatisfied customer is more likely to share their experience with more people than a satisfied customer.

It’s easy to improve customer satisfaction with a business management system. 76% of business operators say customer attitudes towards late technicians improved when they implemented automated alerts and messaging.

Despite all the above data on the benefits of business management systems, 52% of companies are still using manual methods, rather than technology, in their field service business. However, this might not be a bad thing for your business. If your business is yet to implement a business management system such as SAP Business One, now is the time.

Listen to what your customers actually want. Spring your business ahead of the other 52% and put yourself at the top of your customers’ lists for customer service and timely provision of services.

Download our infographic for a quick look at some key stats on technology in field services businesses.