So, you’ve chosen your solution, selected the partner you want to work with, gone through and agreed all of the various negotiations and now you’re all set to start implementing your new business management system. This is where the fun really starts. 
ERP implementations are rarely straight forward or easy to complete. When you’re deploying an end-to-end solution, such as SAP Business One, there are lots of cogs in the wheel that all have to align to get the solution firing on all cylinders. But don’t let that put you off. The reward will be a powerful business management solution that will help your business innovate, grow and boost profits

Why ERP Implementations Fail 

Any company who has implemented a new solution will tell you to expect some bumps in the road. And that’s perfectly fine. Certain problems implementing a system don’t always result in project failure. 
Projects only fail when there’s conflict. Either internally when there’s not complete buy-in from senior leaders or when there’s conflict with your chosen partner. If the problem is internal, then this is where things get tricky. If, for example, a new CEO or Financial Director comes on board halfway through the project, they may have ideas of their own that may not include your preferred solution or partner.  
Hopefully you’ve chosen to work with an experienced partner who has the right team working with you. It’s this knowledge of having been there and got the t-shirt that will get you over the line.

What Is An ERP Implementation Cycle?

Each implementation project is different. There are no set timelines or schedules for these types of deployments. You’ll obviously have a go-live date set with your partner when you’d like everything up and running. 
When organisations are initially considering a new solution it’s either because the challenges they are facing with their existing systems are continuing to grow, or because they have a compelling event. If it’s the latter, your partner should be aware of this from the outset. Projects which are rushed through, often result in lots of issues when systems are live. 

SAP ERP Implementation 

Here at Seidor we complete 100s of successful ERP implementation projects each year. These range in size and complexity. But we’re able to complete these by using our tried-and-tested ERP implementation methodology
This has evolved over a number of years and now allows us to ensure your next ERP implementation is delivered on time and within budget. If you’d like to find out more about what’s involved working with Seidor, please get in touch with us on 01932 212 777 or