Turn back the clock five years and most SMEs felt like they had only one option about how to host their business management solutions. Moving to the cloud was often seen as too much of a risk with concerns around security and reliability. But those days are long gone and businesses now have a number of deployment options for SAP Business One.

On Premise vs Cloud

The choice is really yours to make. There is no right or wrong option here. It’s just what’s best for your business. For some organisations keeping a server in-house still works for them, particularly when it comes to managing data. For others, transferring everything over to the cloud makes sense. Especially as most hosting providers include product updates in with their monthly pricing structure so you’re always using the latest software.

SAP Business One on Premise

Hosting a solution in-house is still a popular option for SMEs who prefer to keep their servers and solutions under one roof. Using a traditional model to run your application works for many SMEs. Data is stored behind an internally managed firewall and access can be monitored by a company’s IT department.

SAP Business One on AWS

More companies are now moving their hosting requirements into the cloud. Here at Seidor, we host SAP Business One on AWS through our cloud-partner Seidor Networks. Predictable pricing, fast ROI, data-integrity and lower IT costs are just some of the reasons why SMEs are now choosing to host their solutions in the cloud.

SAP Business One Cloud Pricing

One of the most attractive features about moving to the cloud is its affordability. Transparent, monthly pricing means organisations know exactly how much they’ll be spending on their software. You also don’t have to worry about purchasing any failing or out-dated hardware. More importantly, when you’re working in the cloud, you can quickly and easily scale your solution – either up or down. Pricing is therefore usually dependent on how many users you plan to have accessing the solution. Get in touch with your requirements and I’ll send you a cost indication straight away.

SAP Business One Cloud Demo

There are no functional differences between SAP Business One hosted on-premise or in the cloud. You get the whole suite of products – regardless of how you decide to host your solution. If you’d like to see SAP Business One in action arrange a demo today by getting in touch with one of our experts on 01932 212 777 or info@seidor.uk. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your hosting requirements to help you decide what’s right for your SME.