Maintaining manufacturing standards with ERP

The manufacturing landscape is shifting and rapidly evolving. More consumers are now placing a greater emphasis on going green. This means that manufacturing companies must place a greater focus on compliance and traceability. Yet satisfying new customer requirements doesn’t have to mean drawing up new business blueprints. In fact, maintaining manufacturing standards is easily [...]

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Effective manufacturing inventory management with SAP Business One

If there are two words the managing director of any type of manufacturing firm dreads to hear then it surely it has to be “dead inventory”. The best run manufacturing firms all strive for one thing: effective manufacturing inventory management. In SAP Business One, this can be achieved quickly and easily. Manufacturing firms have [...]

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Manufacturing Technology To Finally Connect Your Factory

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way we live. There aren’t too many aspects of our lives that haven't been influenced by some sort of technology. However, when it comes to the workplace, especially on the factory floor, manufacturing firms still have some way to go. Traditionally, the manufacturing industry is at [...]

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Guest Blog: Automating business processes for manufacturers and distributors using the BPA Platform

Stuart Tarrant (right) is the Head of Communications at Codeless Platforms and has been working in the IT industry since 2003. Codeless Platforms is a strategic partner for SAP Business One integration, as well as rapid application development. Manufacturing and distribution can often be complex, costly and time-sensitive, relying on real time information to [...]

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Is your manufacturing software holding you back?

Take a look around your manufacturing plant for a moment. Your production line probably includes a lot of machinery that aids productivity and reduces manpower to create your products. Yet when it comes to software, many firms continue to battle on with outdated manufacturing software solutions that holds their business back from reaching its [...]

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How to reduce manufacturing costs using SAP Business One

A priority for any manufacturing firm is to improve profit margins. It’s almost the Holy Grail for manufacturers: how to reduce manufacturing costs. On the surface it might seem straightforward. You make a few cuts here and there and the bottom line will improve. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple – especially when it comes [...]

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The manufacturing “productivity puzzle” and how to solve it

It's surprising that the UK still lags so far behind other developed nations when it comes to levels of productivity. Last year, productivity fell for consecutive quarters and the UK posted some of the worst results since the financial crash. The Office for National Statistics called it the UK’s “productivity puzzle”. Levels of productivity [...]

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