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5 ways to find the right ERP partner

There are lots of important decisions you need to make when you to decide to deploy a new business management system. Some are obviously more important than others. But the most important one – and the one you can’t afford to get wrong – is who you select as your implementation partner. So, what [...]

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Sharperlight Demo: Simplify SAP Business One Reporting

Unlock the data in your SAP Business One solution with Sharperlight. Use this essential and user-friendly business intelligent platform to do more with your data in SAP. See how easy and quick it is to generate important managerial reports in this short Sharperlight Demo. Watch this short overview as Seidor's Andrew Phillips takes a [...]

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Seidor UK backs Project: WASH

SAP Business One specialists Seidor UK has put its support behind a new initiative to clean water systems across schools in Cambodia. Project: WASH was established by United VARs earlier this year following a visit to the country by the company’s managing director Detlef Mehlmann in 2017. The scheme aims to help provide clean drinking [...]

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How to create a Tier 1 & Tier 2 solution using SAP Business One

One of the things that I really love about working with SAP Business One is the solution’s flexibility. Not only is the application ideal for any type of SME looking to streamline key processes, but it’s also a really attractive option for larger organisations as part of their Tier 1 and Tier 2 strategy. [...]

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SAP’s ERP Ranking Tops The Charts

SAP has been ranked as the best vendor for enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, according to a new report. Gartner’s Market Share Analysis: ERP Software, Worldwide, 2018 report placed SAP as the leading supplier, based on revenue, for the second consecutive year. SAP’s Jan Gilg said the company was ‘thrilled’ that it had again reached [...]

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How to move to a new ERP solution in 2019

If you’ve already deployed an ERP solution, you’ll know it’s the heartbeat of your company. In fact, you’re probably wondering how you ever functioned and made a success of your organisation before it was deployed. But – as with any piece of technology – these systems can become outdated and restrictive to your business [...]

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Moving from Microsoft Dynamics to SAP Business One

If you are an existing user of one of Microsoft’s ERP solutions, you’re probably already aware of their plan to shift customers away from their current platform to its new D365 Central application. It’s estimated that approximately 50,000 customers will be affected and forced to upgrade their solution to either the D365 on-premise or [...]

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ERP Basics – Part 3: How to implement an ERP solution

In my third and final article on ERP Basics, I’m going to take a look at best practices when deploying your chosen solution. In my first article, I covered the basics of an integrated business management solution. Next, I analysed the ways in which an ERP solution can help SMEs reduce overall costs. Now, [...]

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What is small business software?

If you roll back the clock a few years, it was only multi-national firms that enjoyed the best-of-breed software. Over the last decade there’s been a substantial shift in the number and variety of solutions on the market aimed at SMEs. But what is small business software? And why should small businesses move away [...]

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ERP Basics – Part 2: How can ERP reduce costs?

When speaking with growing SMEs, I’m often asked, “How can Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) reduce costs across our business?”. It’s a very valid question that every small business owner will ask when considering the implementation of a new system. The truth is there are many ways in which ERP systems help organisations save money. [...]

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