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Guest Blog: How To Plan A Business Process Automation Project

Simon Wybrow (right) is the Digital Marketing Manager at Codeless Platforms and has been working in the software industry since 2011. Codeless Platforms is a strategic partner of Seidor providing SAP Business One integrations.  Businesses are being forced to change as we enter the recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Having a robust business [...]

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SAP Business One Tricks & Tips #1

SAP Business One in Focus is a new series of tips and tricks videos aimed at enhancing user experience. Ever wanted to get more out of your solution and run SAP Business One just like a certified expert? Now is your chance with Seidor UK. Watch as our team of experts guide you through [...]

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How to create the Intelligent Enterprise

Say hello to ERP 4.0. The era of the Intelligent Enterprise is upon us. Although the concept might sound a little bit imposing, the reality is that the technologies behind the Intelligent Enterprise have been around for some time. The intelligent enterprise has simply evolved and been developed in parts from software and systems [...]

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ERP Implementation: How To Get It Right

So, you’ve chosen your solution, selected the partner you want to work with, gone through and agreed all of the various negotiations and now you’re all set to start implementing your new business management system. This is where the fun really starts.    ERP implementations are rarely straight forward or easy to complete. When [...]

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How to successfully manage an ERP project

Implementing a new ERP solution should be an exciting time for any organisation. However, I have heard a couple of horror stories about projects that end up on the scrapheap after being poorly managed. There’s no secret formula on how to successfully manage an ERP project on time and within budget. But there is [...]

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5 ways to find the right ERP partner

There are lots of important decisions you need to make when you to decide to deploy a new business management system. Some are obviously more important than others. But the most important one – and the one you can’t afford to get wrong – is how to select the right ERP partner. So, what [...]

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Sharperlight Demo: Simplify SAP Business One Reporting

Unlock the data in your SAP Business One solution with Sharperlight. Use this essential and user-friendly business intelligent platform to do more with your data in SAP. See how easy and quick it is to generate important managerial reports in this short Sharperlight Demo. Watch this short overview as Seidor's Andrew Phillips takes a [...]

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Seidor UK backs Project: WASH

SAP Business One specialists Seidor UK has put its support behind a new initiative to clean water systems across schools in Cambodia. Project: WASH was established by United VARs earlier this year following a visit to the country by the company’s managing director Detlef Mehlmann in 2017. The scheme aims to help provide clean [...]

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How to create a Tier 1 & Tier 2 solution using SAP Business One

One of the things that I really love about working with SAP Business One is the solution’s flexibility. Not only is the application ideal for any type of SME looking to streamline key processes, but it’s also a really attractive option for larger organisations looking to create a two-tier ERP solution as part of [...]

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