About Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips is the Customer Success Manager at Seidor UK. Having worked with SAP Business One for more than a decade, he specialises in helping customers maximise their ERP investment and unlock to value by leveraging world-class SAP technologies.

Sharperlight Demo: Simplify SAP Business One Reporting

Unlock the data in your SAP Business One solution with Sharperlight. Use this essential and user-friendly business intelligent platform to do more with your data in SAP. See how easy and quick it is to generate important managerial reports in this short Sharperlight Demo. Watch this short overview as Seidor's Andrew Phillips takes a [...]

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Sharperlight Webinar Reserve Your Seat Today

Join us on Tuesday 10 September at 11am (GMT) for our exclusive Sharperlight Webinar. Make sure you register now and then take your seat alongside Sharperlight expert Donald Wynne. Sharperlight helps SAP Business One users make customised reports with ease. It is an essential tool for any type of business that wants to do [...]

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