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SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2019: Day Three

So that is that for another year. The SAP SMB Innovation Summit 2019 in Nice is over. And what a three days it has been. It’s been great catching up with our colleagues around the world within the Seidor Group and friends from the wider SAP Business One community. Things always seem to wind [...]

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SAP SMB Innovation Summit: Day Two Review

Cool magic tricks, new surprises and cutting-edge innovation were all on the agenda here at the SAP SMB Innovation Summit Day Two in Nice. If there’s one buzzword or take-home phrase from this conference then it’s definitely the ‘Intelligent Enterprise’. The application of IOT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Big Data are upon us and [...]

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SAP SMB Innovation Summit Day One Review

Wow! What a first day here at the SAP SMB Innovation Summit here in Nice. The Summit seems to get bigger and better each year and it’s great to catch up with partners from across EMEA and hear their experiences with SAP Business One over the last 12 months. As always, SAP’s Paulo Almeida [...]

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Brexit: SAP Business One Update

Those of you who joined us for our 2018 SAP Business One User Day at Hampton Court will know that SAP has been planning for Brexit for a long time. Due to the uncertainty around the specifics of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, SAP has been working on a number of scenarios to [...]

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What Next for SAP Business One in 2019?

Towards the end of last year, SAP released an updated version of the SAP Business One Road Map. As with any road map published by SAP, the new document outlines recent innovations, upcoming new features, and the direction the solution is heading in. From the outset, SAP outlines how its innovative technology and solutions [...]

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How to move to a new ERP solution in 2019

If you’ve already deployed an ERP solution, you’ll know it’s the heartbeat of your company. In fact, you’re probably wondering how you ever functioned and made a success of your organisation before it was deployed. But – as with any piece of technology – these systems can become outdated and restrictive to your business [...]

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Why your business needs a warehouse management system

If your business deals with large volumes or quantities of stock, then you should be using some sort of warehouse management system. The days of using spreadsheets or pen and paper are long gone. Warehouses have gone digital and it has dramatically changed the way that SMEs manage and track inventory items. Effective Warehouse [...]

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Moving from Microsoft Dynamics to SAP Business One

If you are an existing user of one of Microsoft’s ERP solutions, you’re probably already aware of their plan to shift customers away from their current platform to its new D365 Central application. It’s estimated that approximately 50,000 customers will be affected and forced to upgrade their solution to either the D365 on-premise or [...]

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ERP Basics – Part 3: How to implement an ERP solution

In my third and final article on ERP Basics, I’m going to take a look at best practices when deploying your chosen solution. In my first article, I covered the basics of an integrated business management solution. Next, I analysed the ways in which an ERP solution can help SMEs reduce overall costs. Now, [...]

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Making Tax Digital in SAP Business One

The countdown to Making Tax Digital (MTD) is on. There’s now less than six months until the government’s new flagship tax scheme begins. From Monday 1 April 2019, any organisation with a turnover over £85,000 per annum will be required to manage their tax returns digitally. Make no mistake about it, MTD is set [...]

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