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Former SAP User Group Chair Joins Seidor UK

The former Chair of the UK and Ireland’s SAP Business One User Group, Sotos Soteriou, has joined Seidor UK as the company’s new Consulting Director. Sotos will use his experience to lead and oversee the company’s delivery of award-winning services and support into organisations implementing and using the company’s range of SAP-powered solutions. “This [...]

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UPDATE: SAP Business One Version 10 General Availability

After months of teasing us with new features and exciting functionality, SAP has released the latest major release of SAP Business One with Version 10 now in general availability. The latest major release has progressed through all of its various development and testing stages and is now in general availability. SAP Business One users [...]

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WATCH: How To Attract New Sales Using SAP

It has never been more important to attract customers new and old to your business online. We've teamed up with our strategic partner at Aphix Software to show you how to attract new sales in SAP Business One using our ecommerce integration tools. Take a look at this exclusive demonstration where you can see [...]

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SAP Business One Tricks & Tips #1

SAP Business One in Focus is a new series of tips and tricks videos aimed at enhancing user experience. Ever wanted to get more out of your solution and run SAP Business One just like a certified expert? Now is your chance with Seidor UK. Watch as our team of experts guide you through [...]

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SAP Pinnacle Award 2020: SAP Selects Seidor As No.1 ERP Partner In The World

Seidor has been selected as SAP’s No.1 ERP partner across the globe for the second consecutive year after winning another SAP Pinnacle Award. In recognition of the company’s excellent contribution to SAP over the last 12 months, Seidor has been presented with the SAP Pinnacle Award for the ERP Partner of the Year 2020 [...]

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How to use CRM for Outlook for SAP Business One

Take a look as Seidor UK's Andrew Phillips shows you how to use CRM for Outlook for SAP Business One. This popular add on is already used by more than 6,000 daily users to conveniently push and pull data from their SAP solution without ever having to open Business One. Developed by Boyum, CRM [...]

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How to create the Intelligent Enterprise

Say hello to ERP 4.0. The era of the Intelligent Enterprise is upon us. Although the concept might sound a little bit imposing, the reality is that the technologies behind the Intelligent Enterprise have been around for some time. The intelligent enterprise has simply evolved and been developed in parts from software and systems [...]

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ERP Implementation: How To Get It Right

So, you’ve chosen your solution, selected the partner you want to work with, gone through and agreed all of the various negotiations and now you’re all set to start implementing your new business management system. This is where the fun really starts.    ERP implementations are rarely straight forward or easy to complete. When [...]

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Maintaining manufacturing standards with ERP

The manufacturing landscape is shifting and rapidly evolving. More consumers are now placing a greater emphasis on going green. This means that manufacturing companies must place a greater focus on compliance and traceability. Yet satisfying new customer requirements doesn’t have to mean drawing up new business blueprints. In fact, maintaining manufacturing standards is easily [...]

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