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As one of the biggest SAP Business One partners in the world, Seidor’s work is based on the belief that the successful implementation of ERP is vital for improving the profitability and growth of any business. By delivering powerful business management solutions for SMEs, we enable you to fuel your company’s efficiency whilst having a higher level of control and visibility over your business processes.

Global Reach

Our dedicated SAP Business One team is ready to help you meet your business vision and goals. Whether you want to grow your business in a single location or expand into global markets, Seidor has the experience and expertise to ensure you get the most out of SAP Business One. We believe that good service extends beyond the initial set-up. Our team of experts is always on-hand to bring you ongoing results.

One of the world’s largest and  most trusted SAP Business One partners

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Our core values are the DNA of Seidor: they make up everything we do. We use innovative solutions to drive business improvement and productivity. We continually weigh up expenses and benefits to ensure we are consistently delivering a high return-on-investment. We aim to always provide the highest calibre service, to meet customers’ needs, exceed expectations and to learn from everything we do. We strive to engage stakeholders and to collaborate with mutual respect.


Having worked with more than 1700 local and international businesses, we have ample experience implementing the right solutions for a range of businesses. With more than 300 qualified SAP Business One consultants worldwide, we also have experience implementing business management solutions for local, and multi-national businesses.


Seidor has developed strong relationships with more than 1700 customers across a vast number of industries. Our in-depth industry-specific knowledge enables us to deliver a number of tailor-made solutions to businesses in clothing and footwear, oil and gas, transport and logistics, agriculture and horticulture, chemicals, consulting, electronics, and food production and distribution.


We pride ourselves on the ongoing support we provide to our customers. We have a dedicated team offering help and assistance to all our customers across the globe.

Our Partners

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