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At Seidor UK we focus all of our attention and expertise at delivering world-class SAP Business One services and support into growing SMEs. Our dedicated SAP Business One team includes some of the UK’s leading and most experienced SAPB1 experts. It is this team that is on-hand to help you meet your business’ vision and goals with our expertise and cost-effective solutions.

As one of the leading and most innovative SAP Platinum Partners, Seidor UK is the No.1 choice for SMEs looking to maximise their investment in ERP. We offer customers a unique, boutique style service that differentiates us from others in the market. It is our aim to always provide the highest calibre service to meet the needs of customers and to exceed expectations.

Alongside our range of award-winning implementation services, Seidor UK is renowned for its world-class support team helping customers to achieve the full potential of SAP Business One. Our friendly and knowledgeable are always available to avoid or limit downtime. All of our consultants are fully trained in the latest version of SAP Business One and are certified to support the range of available add-ons.

As a proud member of the world’s leading SAP Partner we’re able to leverage global expertise in helping all types of organisations – working across any industry – to solve their business challenges with our solutions powered by SAP.

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Why SAP Business One From Seidor UK

Our Principles

At Seidor UK we’re proud to do things the right way. For more than 30 years, Seidor has been working with SMEs to help them reach their ambitions. We do this through our innovative range of SAP powered solutions and our team of SME experts. Across our organisation we have a number of principles which influence the way we treat our customers, colleagues and supplier. Here’s what matters the most to us…


We conduct ourselves and our business in an honest and transparent way. We  always tell the truth, and don’t avoid the truth.


We trust each other and earn the customer’s trust by doing what we say we will do always.


We respect each other.


What we do, we do great. Good is not good enough; we aim to be the best. 


We deliver great value. If we’re not delivering value, then we’d rather not do it. 


If we take something on, we own it, and we will make it a success. 


Simple is better than complex. We don’t over complicate things. From delivering simple solutions, to making it simple to do business with us. 


We believe in diversity and inclusion. This includes gender, race, age,nationality and background.

UK’s No.1 SAP Platinum Partner

Across the globe, Seidor is recognised as one of SAP’s premier Platinum Partners. The SAP Platinum Partnership is resolved solely for the world’s leading and most innovative partners. It is the highest and most strategic level of partnership offered by SAP and can only be attained by invitation only. The agreement is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approved by SAP’s executive board. If you are looking for unrivalled service to deploy and support your SAP Business One solution, Seidor is the No.1 choice. 

SAP Business One Recognised Expert

As well as being an SAP Platinum Partner, Seidor UK has also been recognised by SAP as a SAP Business One Recognised Expert. The SAP REx program was introduced by SAP to highlight partners that possess a combination of technical knowledge and product experience in a specific solution or industry. With Seidor UK, it’s for our dedication and expert knowledge for SAP Business One. 

SAP Business One Recognised Expert Logo

United VARs Alliance

Seidor UK is a proud member of the United VARs programme. United VARs are a collection of 45 influential SAP partners and consultants across the globe who have come together to form a leading alliance for the mid-market.

All United VARs are all SAP Platinum Partners and work across 90 separate countries. This means customers are guaranteed the highest standards of service and support when completing global roll-out projects, ERP optimisation projects or cross-border nearshoring.

In addition to our network that spans across the world, our alliance with United VARs means Seidor truly has a global reach calling upon market-leading experts from all corners of the world.

Can’t find one of our offices in the territory you work in? Our international reach expands further as a member of the United VARs alliance.

United VARS Alliance

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