The field service industry has been forced to modernise over the last few years. New mobile technologies, combined with rising customer expectations, have pushed FSM companies into a corner. Either modernise or run the risk of losing valuable contracts.

Here are six reasons your business needs field service automation to utilise new software and improve on-site efficiencies:

  1. Streamline activities

You need a solution that helps detail the products and services that your business offers. By clearly outlining these and storing everything in one solution, you can identify efficiency gains when it comes to streamlining tasks, as well as reduce time spent on site.

  1. Get prepared

The last thing your technicians want when with a customer is a nasty surprise. By using an integrated solution you’ll be able to store important documents centrally, with everything from sales orders to service history in one database. This allows greater transparency into customer expectations.

  1. Stay connected

Empower your teams with advance information about what’s required for each job. Use mobile technology to relay information before technicians arrive on site, and provide directions to reduce time spent on the road. Use offline capable tools to access information on orders, product specifications and customer records at the touch of button.

  1. Instant invoicing

By planning jobs in advance with checklist stages, technicians can send real-time updates back into your ERP solution on the status of a job. Once completed, customers can add an electronic signature and a copy of the job report will be mailed directly to their inbox. An invoice is also generated at the same time to streamline the billing cycle.

  1. Product research

Track the lifespan of products by analysing data your technicians put into the system. Are you continually replacing a certain part? It might be time to speak to your supplier or source an alternative.

  1. Protect IP

Remove data duplication between different systems and minimise the risk of human error. Keep critical information secure – including the intellectual property of your customers – by setting limits on who can access and process data.

An automated FSM solution will improve efficiencies across your business, leading to faster resolution times, less downtime for customers and better relationships with key accounts.

Ready to automate your field management solution? Combine the latest FSM mobile tools with a powerful ERP solution powered by SAP. Get in touch to find out more and arrange a demo.