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My father owned a plumbing company and I have a lot of respect for the trade.

Looking back, I remember him working really hard on the administration of the business. During the day, he worked on-site, quoting jobs and managing work trucks heading to different locations. Then, he would spend the evenings catching up on the admin from the day. This included pitching for new jobs, purchasing materials, drafting quotes, invoicing, banking, etc.

In reality, the administrative burden of his plumbing business took years off his life. Knowing what I know now, I wish I could have implemented SAP Business One for him.

In view of the time-consuming stresses plumbing businesses often demand, it is not suprising that more and more field service companies are implementing SAP Business One. It makes substantial, measurable differences to efficiency, service provision and profitability. These businesses are thriving on advanced technology that is empowering them to do better work.

5 Ways SAP Business One Will Improve Your Plumbing Business

1) It will improve resource utilisation within your business

From time and employees to equipment and stock, SAP Business One optimises every aspect of your business’s resources.

Plumbers’ time is optimised. By matching plumbers to the appropriate job based on stock and location, time is not wasted and jobs are completed more quickly.

2) It will improve customer satisfaction

Your customers will receive a better service as your business becomes more streamlined and more efficient. This is mainly due to their problems being resolved more quickly by plumbers with the correct tools to do the job.

Additionally, customers will receive real-time notifications, making them better informed on plumber arrival times.

Improved customer satisfaction will increase customer loyalty. This will increase customers’ lifetime values, therefore making them much more valuable assets to your business.

3) It will get rid of the triplicate paper and make your technicians’ jobs easier!

With so much on-site work and mobility involved in plumbing, it is vital for plumbers to be able to do their admin on slick and intuitive platforms. Channel your employees’ motivation with gamification. By simplifying everyday tasks and rewarding their completion, your plumbers are motivated and encouraged to excel at their jobs.

SAP Business One connects employees’ mobile devices to your back-office system. This therefore makes it far easier for plumbers to track their jobs, record efforts against jobs, and have jobs signed off when they are completed.

Following completion, invoices will be automatically generated from head office. This will minimise paperwork and improve data quality. Additionally, the mobile application works both “online” and “offline”, so plumbers can access key business information without needing an internet connection.

SAP Business One will give your plumbers all the information they need at their fingertips. This will therefore enable them to easily access maps to locate clients, client history, checklists for jobs, stock lists, expenses and more.

4) It will distinguish your company from the rest

Far too many companies focus on price points as their selling factor. However, the market leaders in the plumbing industry are using technology to drive their business above the rest. With SAP Business One, you can deliver your customers a high-value service without needing to compromise on your prices.

Lots of companies are still not using an ERP system, despite the clear benefits of having one. Implementing SAP Business One is therefore a good way to make your plumbing business stand out from the rest.

5) It will facilitate better and more accurate sharing of information

Growing businesses can find themselves struggling with communications between business units, often relying on emails and spreadsheets. Unfortunately, these mediums quickly become unreliable and out-of-date. The lack of reliable information will consequently leave business owners losing confidence in reports, making it difficult for them to make good and fast business decisions.

With real-time synchronisation between your trucks on the road and back office operations, SAP Business One makes communication across your business significantly simpler and more reliable.

There are many ways that SAP Business One will improve your plumbing business. Better utilisation of resources, simplified tasks for your technicians and improved customer satisfaction are just a few. Contact us at Seidor UK or join our webinar to find out more about what SAP Business One can do for your business.

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