When it comes to field service, customers know what they want. They have a problem and they want it fixed timely and effectively by someone that cares. So why are your employees still saying these things that your field service customers don’t want to hear? And how can you avoid them?

What are the phrases that your field service customers don’t want to hear?

“I don’t know, you’ll need to ask someone else”

This is a common response to a lot of customer questions. Even if your employee doesn’t know the answer, make sure they don’t use this response.

Rather than passing the responsibility to someone else, employees should actively try to seek out an answer and a solution for the customer. Try ‘I’m not sure at the moment, but I will find out for you’ as an alternative. The key to good customer service is showing your customers that you are willing to go the extra mile to help them.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the relevant data and information when you have a growing, complex business and lots of customers. To avoid this problem altogether, SAP Business One is a good solution. It keeps track of all your business data, processes and departments, allowing employees to easily access the information they need.


We’ve all been customers and we all know how it feels to be told ‘no’. Whether it’s something the company can’t do or something the customer can’t get, the customer will not be happy.

Any version of ‘no’ that conveys little care or understanding is likely to rouse anguish in your customer. Soften the blow by saying no politely and offering an alternative solution.

“Don’t get worked up”

This response immediately suggests that your employee doesn’t care as much about the problem as the customer does. Oftentimes all an unhappy customer wants is empathy.

Instead of telling them to calm down, encourage your employees to say, ‘I understand that you’re upset and I’m going to help find a solution’. This shows customers that your company understands the problem and is invested in helping.

SAP Business One will streamline your business processes and enable your employees to deal with customers efficiently. This improves customer satisfaction and minimises incidences of customers becoming frustrated and impatient.

“It’s not our fault”

If a customer thinks it’s your company’s fault, an employee telling them it’s not is unlikely to change their mind.

Perhaps it was an issue with your system, a miscommunication between employees, or external factors outside of your control. Whatever is to blame, have your employees explain to customers how they’re going to resolve the issue, rather than trying to pass off the blame.

“We’ve got a lot on”

It may seem like a reasonable way to explain yourself out of a problem, but no customer wants to hear that other jobs are being prioritised above theirs.

Your customers are important and you should have the systems in place to be able to deal with and keep track of them all. Instead of telling customers that your company is very busy, have employees tell them that they are dealing with their problem as efficiently as possible.

With SAP Business One, you can avoid these common phrases that your field service customers don’t want to hear. By connecting everything centrally, business directors will have full visibility of business processes. This improves communication and helps your company avoid sticky customer situations.

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