What is small business software?

If you roll back the clock a few years, it was only multi-national firms that enjoyed the best-of-breed software. Over the last decade there’s been a substantial shift in the number and variety of solutions on the market aimed at SMEs. But what is small business software? And why should small businesses move away [...]

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SAP Business One License Guide

To use SAP Business One, every user requires a license. Think of it as a passport to your company’s business management system. Having a license is important for several reasons. Because SAP Business One is a modular-based application, certain information is business sensitive. For instance, your warehouse team won't need access to tools relevant for [...]

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ERP Basics – Part 2: How can ERP reduce costs?

When speaking with growing SMEs, I’m often asked, “How can Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) reduce costs across our business?”. It’s a very valid question that every small business owner will ask when considering the implementation of a new system. The truth is there are many ways in which ERP systems help organisations save money. [...]

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Deep Dive into SAP Business One – Part One

In the first part of this new series, Dustin Coombe, Sales Director at Seidor UK, takes a closer look at SAP Business One and answers some common questions about the popular business management solution. What modules are in SAP Business One? There are ten core modules included in SAP Business One. These include Accounting, [...]

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How much does SAP Business One cost?

Have you heard the one about SAP Business One being too expensive for a small business? There are many myths surrounding SAP that need debunking. One of them is them is how much does SAP Business One cost and whether it’s affordable for your typical SME. If you’re working in a small business, you [...]

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