How to reduce manufacturing costs using SAP Business One

A priority for any manufacturing firm is to improve profit margins. It’s almost the Holy Grail for manufacturers: how to reduce manufacturing costs. On the surface it might seem straightforward. You make a few cuts here and there and the bottom line will improve. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple – especially when it comes [...]

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3 Steps to Ensure Your ERP Journey is a Success

Doing anything for the first time is always daunting – especially when it comes to your business. But if your organisation has started to level out, it’s almost guaranteed you’re being overtaken by competitors. Implementing an ERP solution is one of the most important modernisation projects an organisation will go through. Luckily, Seidor has [...]

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SAP Business One Road Map: What’s Coming Up…

SAP have published details of the future of SAP Business One and the new innovations and features that are set to be introduced to over the next few years. The Product Road Map outlines SAP’s vision to make SAP Business One the “best ERP for SMEs in the digital economy”, which users will access [...]

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How to optimise your warehouse

The warehouse is the heart of your wholesale and distribution business. Everything that comes in or out of your business will leave some sort of warehouse footprint - which is why it’s so important to optimise your warehouse. If you can get your inventory processes right, the rest will follow suit. SAP Business One for [...]

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Top 3 Field Service Management Trends in 2018

Field Service Management (FSM) is changing. New technology and solutions entering the market are moving the goalposts – for companies and for customers. These have helped organisations to improve internal and external communications and work more effectively by using the Cloud. But what’s next for an ever-changing industry? Here are the top three field service [...]

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The manufacturing “productivity puzzle” and how to solve it

It's surprising that the UK still lags so far behind other developed nations when it comes to levels of productivity. Last year, productivity fell for consecutive quarters and the UK posted some of the worst results since the financial crash. The Office for National Statistics called it the UK’s “productivity puzzle”. Levels of productivity [...]

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What’s included in SAP Business One Version 9.3?

The next release of SAP Business One is around the corner. Having been tested in 37 countries over the last few months, it’s set for a go-live date in this year.  So, what is included in SAP Business One Version 9.3? I’ll take a close look at some of new features set to be [...]

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