5 Ways SAP Business One Will Improve Your Plumbing Business

Join Our Field Service Webinar My father owned a plumbing company and I have a lot of respect for the trade. Looking back, I remember him working really hard on the administration of the business. During the day, he worked on-site, quoting jobs and managing work trucks heading to different locations. [...]

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Field Service Businesses: What Do Your Customers Actually Want?

Technology in field services is changing and many businesses are being left behind. Customers are outwardly expressing that the level of customer service they receive affects whether or not they will choose a company again. They are raising their standards and not tolerating bad service, poor planning or lack of communication. It's therefore [...]

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5 Signs It’s Time to Invest in an ERP System

Whilst working at Seidor South Africa I had the benefit of using SAP Business One to keep on top of my admin. Over the years, I started to take the system for granted. When we first launched Seidor UK, we didn't implement our own SAP Business One system right away – big mistake! We very [...]

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